Billet Wheel GTD1752VRK vacuum converted with welded 1.6TDI manifold WASTEGATE ELECTRONIQUE MUCHBOOST

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MuchBoost GTD1752VRK turbocharger professionally adapted to 1.6TDI,  transverse and longitudinal VE, PD, and Common Rail engines (all the engine codes are mentioned at the bottom of this page.) The turbo is equipped with a genuine Garrett 8+0 blades Billet Compressor Wheel + ceramic ball bearings. The base is an original Garrett GTD1752VRK turbocharger from the BMW B47D20 engine.

Main Features
  • The potential ~ 230HP
  • Fast spool, comparable to a stock ARL PD150 turbocharger
  • Low manifold pressures at high RPM
  • High air-fuel ratio including high peak torque achieved at low engine speeds.
Details on the construction of the turbo:
  • GTD17VRK series compressor housing.
  • GTD17VRK series bearing housing.
  • GTD17VRK series exhaust housing.
  • The manifold comes from KKK or Garrett turbochargers (it depends on your stock turbo). 
  • Ceramic Garrett Ball Bearings.
  • GTD17VRK series 9 blades Turbine Wheel.
  • GTD17VRK series 8+0 blades compressor wheel.
  • The turbo is cooled just by oil (no complication with water cooling fittings).
  • The EGR is deleted.
  • Garrett 4th generation of VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine).
  • The VNT actuator adaptation – standard vacuum or electronic (it depends on your stock turbo).
  • Perfectly calibrated VNT system + dynamically balanced. We use a modern VISCOM flow bench and Schenck balancing machines.
  • The compressor and turbine wheels are balanced separately, and then the whole core is high-speed balanced using VSR balancing machines at speeds similar to the level seen in the vehicle.

*All the parts are genuine, made by Garrett/KKK (BorgWarner).

Mounting tips:

Steps to be performed during assembly:

  • The Installation of a larger DP (you will receive the V-band flange with the turbocharger). You can modify the factory DP using our flange, but that will be a limitation. A new downpipe with a larger diameter is strongly recommended.
  • New stainless or silicone Inlet + Outlet pipes.

Our custom oil line return will be sent with the turbo. The oil line supply can stay stock (a new line is recommended). 

Other significant modifications

The turbo allows you to get ~230HP at 28PSI of boost. To fully utilize the potential of this hybrid turbo, we recommend upgrading i.a. fuel, exhaust, cooling systems, and the clutch. Individual ECU remapping is the foundation.

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